Zerosprey42 Keyboard

The Zerosprey42 Keyboard is a 42-key, wired, beginner friendly, choc v1 hotswap, MonoBlockSplit (Unibody), column-staggered, DIY low-profile mechanical keyboard. It balances between portability and ergonomics with a sleek case. This is a remix of ebastler‘s osprey with a low cost RP2040-Zero.

The development of this project is sponsored by PCBWay (affiliate link).

Build Guide

Flash the firmware

The precompiled Vial firmware can be found here. It's recommended to compile the firmware by yourself.

Connect the RP2040-Zero to the computer. Copy the .uf2 firmware to the RPI-RP2 mass storage device.

After the copy is completed, the drive should unmount itself.

Solder the MCU and Didoes

Components are soldered on the bottom side.

Solder the castellated holes of the RP2040-Zero. The left top pin shown in the above photo is not required.

Diodes are directional. Align the bar to the south.

Test key presses

In Vial, use the Matrix Tester. Short each pad to trigger a key press.

Solder the hotswap sockets

After testing, solder the hotswap sockets.

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