Installing a Battery to the Ferris Sweep v2

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purpose. This site is not responsible for damage or losses that may occur from use of this material. This guide might contain outdated or incorrect information.

You should consult a local electrician, technical, or drone repair shop to install a battery for you if you are not experienced in soldering.

Incorrectly connecting a battery might cause fire or explosion. Double check with the polarity. Please also read the nice!nano documentation at, and the sweep keyboard documentation at first.


Nice!nano v2 and sweep v2.2 are used in this guide. Other boards might not be the applicable.

Left Hand

On the main PCB, according to the silk screen, the B- solder pad is near the key switches, and the B+ is away from the key switches. Check with the polarity carefully.

It's recommended to set it as "off" at the power switch when you solder, as shown in the above photo.

The battery cables can be installed on either front or back side. I've installed it on the back side. If you want to install it on the front, you might need to skip the TRRS jack.

When you install the micro controller breakout board nice!nano v2, make sure the socket pins won't damage the battery.

Right Hand

On the main PCB, similar to the left hand, the B- solder pad on the main PCB is near the key switches, and the B+ is away from the key switches.

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