Sofle RGB v2.1 SofleKeyboard Photo Build Log

Project Files

Getting the Hardware

You can get the hardware from one of the following links.


VIA Firmware with 72 RGB LEDs Enabled

This is a firmware modified from the v1 VIA firmware with the following lines added to the config.h

#define RGBLED_NUM 72
#define RGBLED_SPLIT {36,36}

VIA Firmware with 72 RGB LEDs Enabled (with SPLIT_USB_DETECT)

SPLIT_USB_DETECT is required for some of the pro micro boards.

Official QMK Firmware with 70 RGB LEDs

Also, check out another example with RGB Matrix at

Build Guide

This guide assumes you have some keyboard soldering experience. There are multiple ways to build the Sofle RGB Keyboard v2.1. Here is a build with 72 RGB LEDs, two rotary encoders, and two OLED display modules.

Flash the Firmware

Flash the two Pro Micro Controllers or USB Type-C Controllers with QMK ToolBox.

Flippable Board

The Front side is for the pro micro controller boards, OLED display modules, TRRS jacks, reset buttons, rotary encoders.

The Back side is for the diodes and Kailh MX switch hotswap sockets.

There are RGB LEDs on both sides.

Bridge the Solder Pads for OLED Display Modules

On the Front Side, bridge the 4 solder pads on left hand PCB and right hand PCB.

Solder the Diodes

Flip to the Back side, solder all the diodes on both sides. Diodes are directional.

A common mistake is, we miss the diode near the rotary encoder.

The OLED solder pads should NOT be bridged on the Back side.

All the diodes are soldered.

Microcontroller Breakout Board

USB Type-C (ShiroC)

Align the two controllers according to the silkscreen outline. The boards should be mounted with the components facing down.

Pro Micro

The same applies to a generic pro micro controller board.

For Either Controller Boards

The back side should look like this.

Testing the Keyboard

You now have a minimally working, single-sided keyboard.

If you connect the left side, or the right side to the computer, and short the hotswap solder pads (front or back), you should be able to enter some keys.

Kailh Hotswap Sockets

Solder the hotswap socket according to the silkscreen. A common mistake is to mount it 180 degree rotated.

Make sure the sockets stay flat.

Solder the rest of the sockets.

TRRS Jack and Reset Button

OLED Display

Rotary Encoder

If you plan to add the RGB LEDs, you should skip this step and move this to the last.

RGB LEDs for the Right Hand

Bridge "IND", "UND&BL", and "ENA" on the back side.

Set the soldering iron to a low temperature (around 280°C or 530°F). Extra flux is helpful. Start with the indicator LED. See RGB LED Orientation and the ordering at the Official Build Guide.

Flip to the Back side and solder the second RGB LED.

Complete the 6 droplight RGB LED. And start with the per key lighting.

RGB LEDs for the Left Hand

Bridge "IND", "UND&BL", and "ENA" on the back side.

See more photos for the RGB LED Orientation.

Fully Soldered

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