elephant42 Keyboard Photo Build Log

The elephant42 (🐘42) keyboard is a 42-key ergonomic split mechanical keyboard designed by illness072. It supports 4 thumb keys, with an aggressively staggered pinky column.

All the RGB LEDs are SK6812mini-e, which are easier to solder.

The keyboard is non-reversible, so it's less likely to make mistakes in soldering.

The official repo and build guide is at https://github.com/illness072/elephant42

More information about the firmware can be found at https://docs.beekeeb.com/elephant42-keyboard-photo-build-log/elephant42-qmk-firmware-with-via

Here are some photos of my build.

elephant42 Front Side with Per-key RGB LEDs

elephant42 Back Side with 6 Underglow RGB LEDs on Each Side

RGB LEDs orientations

The sk6812mini-e corner should be aligned with G (GND).

All the per-key RGB LEDs should face the key switches (front) side, and the underglow RGB LEDs should face the back/bottom side.

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