TOTEM Case Installation

The pre-soldered wireless TOTEM is pre-flashed with ZMK firmware with the default keymap.

Recommended battery with JST connector:

Warning: After attaching the key switches to the PCB using the top case, it will no longer be possible to insert the battery into the keyboard without removing the case. Therefore, please remember to insert the battery first.

1. Insert the battery into the JST socket

Prior to installation, ensure that the polarity is correct. Align the red wire with the Red+ silk screen for proper orientation.

2. Test the Bluetooth connection

Turn on both sides of the keyboard and connect them to your device via Bluetooth. Verify if your computer can successfully register at least one key press from each side of the keyboard.

3. Attach the key switches to the PCB using the top case

Ensure that the legs of the key switch are inserted into the hotswap sockets instead of the "gold rings".

4. Test the key presses for each key

It can be tested in

5. Secure the top case and bottom plate by screwing them together.

6. The default keymap of TOTEM

ZMK Firmware:

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