How to Install display, battery and Test the Wireless Corne Keyboard

The installation and testing of the displays, along with the insertion of the batteries into the keyboard using the JST sockets, will be covered in the process.
This guide is applicable to the Corne Wireless keyboards (MX / Choc / KS-33), as well as the latest version of pre-soldered Chocofi Wireless keyboard.
Full Video Guide

Step 1: Getting the displays

Place the anti-static box on a flat surface with the black side facing down and the clear side facing up. Carefully open the box.

Step 2: Installing the displays to the PCB

Gently insert the display into the display sockets of the PCB.

Step 3: Testing display

Test the display by connecting it (left and right separately) to the computer before inserting batteries.

Step 4: Inserting the battery to the JST socket

Place the battery underneath the controller and connect the battery connectors to the sockets, ensuring the correct polarity. Align the red wire with the Red+ silk screen.