REVIUNG41 Case Installation

Photo logs of installing REVIUNG41 keyboard case

Getting the Hardware

In this page, Iā€™m using the FR-4 plate and acrylic bottom plate case kit for REVIUNG41. You can get the hardware from one of the following links.

Installation Guide

This guide assumes you have the basic equipments (a screwdriver) , a soldered REVIUNG41 keyboard and the case kit.

Secure the spacers to the PCB for adding MCU cover

Install the key switches to the top plate

Make sure the pins/ legs of the key switches are not bent before inserting to the top plate.

Attach the top plate to the PCB

Hold the hotswap sockets and gently insert the key switches.

Before moving to the next step, please test each key press in VIAL to ensure all of the key switches are installed successfully.

Install the MCU cover

Prepare the bottom acrylic plate

Attach the bottom plate to the keyboard

Add Donut Silicone Rubbers to the bottom plate


It's time to add keycaps to the keyboard šŸ‘

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