Dao Choc BLE Keyboard

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/yumagulovrn/dao-choc-ble

Shop: https://shop.beekeeb.com/product/pre-soldered-wireless-dao-choc-ble-keyboard/


3.7V LiPo battery with a protection circuit, and a charge current >=300mA is required. The connector is Molex PicoBlade 51021-0200, commonly know as "MX 1.25mm".

Important note: Please make sure the polarity is correct. The red wire should be aligned at the BAT+ silk screen.


502035 (usually rated at 300mAh) is recommended.


402535 (usually rated at 400mAh) can also be used, but the tolerance is very tight.

More Photos of the Battery Connector

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