Quick Start Guide to Build a Piantor (WeAct RP2040)

Don’t connect or disconnect the TRRS cable when the keyboard is powered. Always disconnect the USB cable first.

Flash the Vial firmware on both WeAct RP2040 by copying the uf2 firmware to the USB mass storage device. If you do not see a mass storage device, you will need to enter the bootloader mode by holding down the BOOTSEL button while reconnecting the board into USB port. Alternatively, you can hold the BOOTSEL button and press the NRST button.

Solder the WeAct RP2040 and the TRRS Jacks

Use the shorter, low-profile, black pin headers provided in the keyboard kit. If you use the original yellow pin headers, you might need to trim the pins.

Align the "0" of the WeAct RP2040 to the "GP0" of the keyboard PCB.

Solder the Resistors

Use 5.6kΩ for R1, and 10kΩ for R2 respectively.

Test the key presses

Connect both halves using TRRS cable. Run Vial on the computer and switch it to the Matrix Tester tab. You can trigger key presses by shorting the hotswap socket pads or switch holes.

Solder the hotswap sockets or the key switches

You can solder hotswap sockets (as a hotswap version), or low profile choc v1 key switches directly (as a non-hotswap/soldered-in version).

Final Product

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