Chocofi Keyboard

RP2040-based boards

The command to build a chocofi Vial firmware with ProMicro-shaped RP2040 microcontroller boards such as the Sea Picro.

qmk compile -kb crkbd/rev1 -km vial -e CONVERT_TO=promicro_rp2040

It's recommended to build your own firmware. Here's a precompiled chocofi firmware based on crkbd.

Firmware for nice!nano wireless boards

The pre-soldered wireless Chocofi keyboard with nice!view are pre-flashed miryoku ZMK firmware.

The pre-flashed firmware:

If you would like to customize your own keymap, please refer to the ZMK documentation. You can find an example of the firmware at the following link: ZMK Config Corne Chocofi with Niceview.

Troubleshooting 1: My nice!view doesn't display any graphics after flashing a custom firmware.

To resolve the issue of the nice!view not displaying graphics after flashing a custom firmware, you will need to enable the nice_view and nice_view_adapter features in your custom ZMK firmware.


  - board: nice_nano_v2
    shield: corne_left nice_view_adapter nice_view
  - board: nice_nano_v2
    shield: corne_right nice_view_adapter nice_view

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