Swoop Keyboard

Vial Firmware

Example GitHub Repo: https://github.com/beekeeb/vial-qmk-swoop

Compiled Vial Firmware

Compiled Vial Firmware for RP2040-based boards

Quick Build Guide (Wired with Basic Components)


The diodes are directional. Extra flux will be helpful.


Bridge the jumpers for the microcontroller breakout board. Make sure the correct side is used.

The Microcontroller, TRRS Jack and Reset button

Solder the microcontroller with the pin headers or sockets. Make sure it's the correct side and align the pins correctly. For Sea-Picro, do not solder the D+ and D- pin.

Test the Key Presses

When you connect the left side to the computer, short the hotswap socket pads to trigger key presses with a wire or a pair of tweezers.

Solder the Right Side

Repeat the above steps for the right hand side. Test the keyboard by connecting the TRRS cable, and the left hand side to the computer. As a reminder, do not plug/unplug the TRRS cable when the keyboard is powered.

Hotswap Sockets

After testing both sides, solder the hotswap sockets.

Final Photos

Although Sea Picro provides 3.3V, the RGB LEDs might still work. It's not guaranteed that the RGB LEDs will always work with 3.3V. It's recommended to power the RGB LEDs with 3.7V-5V with Sea Micro.

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